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SAP Course

What is SAP training?

How does SAP training help?

SAP Training cultivates proficiency and practical expertise in the management and application of technology. It caters to individuals across all levels, from everyday users to senior management.

Whether to train from recognised / non-recognised Institutes?

The SAP Curriculum provides a standardized, structured, and systematic approach to learning. SAP Education is available through SAP and its educational partners. At the same time, there are thousands of Institutes offering SAP training.

What is the SAP training cost?

SAP training cost for different modules are mentioned in our brochure but that may varies time to time. Please contact our help line number or our website for details a latest information.

Can I pay my course fees in instalments?

Yes, you can make payment in 2 instalments.

I am making plans to do the sap course. Do I get a certificate?

Yes, sap course completion certificates are given by the institute after the completion of the course.

However, if you want to bag a Globally valid certificate from SAP Inc. then you need to appear and clear the Global SAP Certification examination. The certification exam administered at SAP and Pearson VUE is identical. When taking the exam at an SAP or Education Partner's site, the S User ID is generated by them. If you are booking at Pearson VUE, then you need to ask your company’s basis team or SAP Education team to help you. If the S ID is created by your company, then they may delete when you are moving out of the company. Recently, at Pearson VUE, the exam was conducted under CCTV and students were not allowed to keep anything. They will also capture your photograph during the identification process. Nevertheless, at SAP / Education Partner, identification is conducted through your passport or driving license, deviating from this practice.

How much is SAP global certification cost?

The cost is 40,000 in India, and it varies from country to country. This amount does not cover training expenses. If you factor in the training costs as well, the overall package may escalate to Rs. 3 lakhs, depending on the certification course you choose.

Who are my trainers?

The courses are handled by SAP Consultants who have a rich functional as well as technical experience and are highly skilled in handling SAP implementations and support and roll out and upgrade projects.

What are the advantages of choosing SAP training with Guaranteed internship?

This course is specially designed for the freshers who do not have any industry experience. There are certain criteria for availing this facility which are subjected to discussion face to face counselling session.

I want to be a SAP consultant. What relevant course should I choose?

Whitehat Academy is the best route for those who wish to gain knowledge and become a Certified Consultant in SAP.

Functional Modules:

  • Financial Accounting (FI)
  • Controlling (CO)
  • Sales and Distribution (SD)
  • Material Management (MM)
  • Production Planning (PP)
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Project systems (PS)
  • Quality Management (QM)

Technical Module:

  • SAP BW

System Administration:

  • SAP Solution Manager
  • SAP Authorization
  • SAP BW

Whether SAP Certification gives me a guaranteed job?

SAP Certification does not guarantee employment. Instead, it serves to certify your proficiency in a specific area based on your knowledge at the time of certification. This certification aids employers in trusting SAP as a third-party endorsement when hiring consultants. SAP Certification is just one component of the recruitment process, and it is essential for consultants to manage their expectations accordingly.

Is Certification a mandatory thing to get a job?

Certification is not a prerequisite for securing a job in the SAP field. Numerous skilled consultants thrive without holding SAP Certification, and conversely, some well-qualified consultants may not pass the certification process. Conversely, not all certified consultants necessarily excel in their roles. While having certification is beneficial, employers may prefer certified consultants in certain situations when faced with CVs of equal merit.

What are the prerequisites for doing a SAP training

To take any Functional module, you need to have a minimum of 2-3 years of industrial/domain experience in the relevant business function. To take the technical module of SAP you need to be strong in programming /networking concepts. Typically advised for individuals with a minimum of 1-2 years of technical experience, candidates should also hold professional qualifications such as a BE/B.Tech, MBA, CA, or equivalent credentials.

What is SAP R/3 standard training? What are the offerings?

SAP R/3 Training provides you the training on Real time Data with 3 tier Architecture. Courses introduce you to fundamental business processes that can be modelled using the SAP System. The courses serve as an introduction to a particular specialist area, for example, procurement, production planning, and so on. This course not only explores the complete range of functions in a given application, but concentrates even on key business processes, and on the integration with other modules.

Courses focus on providing detailed information about individual application areas and concentrate on SAP Customizing and functional description. They usually build on information covered in the corresponding level 2 courses and are tailored to meet the requirements of project team’s needs.

Digital Marketing Course

Am I eligible for the digital marketing course?

How will the classes be held? What happens if I am not able to attend a class?

Classes will be held online via Google Meet. In case you miss a class, you can watch the video recording of the class.

How qualified are the trainers of the institute?

All our trainers are Google & Microsoft certified professionals having 3+ years real life work experience. They have the industry standard knowledge and are aware of the latest practices in digital marketing. Moreover they give personal attention to all the requirements of each student. Their positive involvement during internship period is particularly worth mentioning.

Will I be able to pass the online exams of Google & Microsoft? What are the pass marks?

White Hat Academy has certified and experienced trainers who will thoroughly guide the students to get prepared for the online exams of Google and Microsoft. Alongside the classroom assistance in forming the overall conception of the topics, the students will get the opportunity to appear for several online mock exams.

The answers of these online assignments will be thoroughly discussed in the class as per the problem areas of each student. The trainers ensure that these online assignments will bring positive results. The online exams of Google and Microsoft are called AdWords Certification Exams and the Bing Ads Accredited Professional Exam respectively.

The AdWords exam has two parts called the Fundamental Exam and the Advanced Exam and the qualifying marks are 85% and 80% respectively. The Microsoft exam which is presently known as the Bing Ads Exam has set the qualifying marks as 80%.

Do you provide any certification?

You can earn globally recognized certificates directly from Google and Microsoft with our digital marketing and PPC training courses. These certificates will prove your skills and latest knowledge to manage a PPC campaign effectively. We do not provide any certificate for our SEO training course.

How will I benefit from the course?

If you are a fresher, then pursuing our professional training course will increase your employability – so you should be job ready as soon as you complete any of our courses. If you are a working professional, then it will add some extra feathers to your credibility.

A professional certification will also help increase your capability to the employer and uplift the visibility as a professional. It will not only bring a new drive to your career but increase the avenues to reach your desired goal as well.

Content Writing Course

Am I eligible?

Will I get a job after completing the course?

There are plenty of opportunities in the content writing industry. You should be able to get a job after the course. Employers usually have a screening test (Grammar and writing skills test) and you have to clear the test.

How will the online classes be held?

Classes will be held through Google Meet. Video recordings of the class will be available.

What will happen if I miss an online class?

You can view the video recording of the class and learn.

How can I enroll myself?

You can check our ‘Admission section’ for the upcoming content writing course batches. You can enroll online by paying the course fees. You can contact us in case of further guidance on how to enroll.

I have written English articles in my college days – do I still need to learn content writing?

Yes, this is a professional content writing course where students will be trained to write content for websites and clients who can be based out of India. It is completely different from usual articles we write in school and colleges. There are several new techniques that have to be learnt.

Cloud Computing Course

Who should enrol in these Cloud Computing Certification Trainings?

Who is this program for?

  • Aspiring learners who desire to become job ready for a Cloud Technology Consultant role.
  • Freshers with 2-3 years of experience in infra support.
  • Professionals who are planning to make a change from other sectors.

What background knowledge is necessary?

None! Whether you’re completely new to the job field or have had some exposure, this AWS/Azure Professional Certificate is the right program for you. However, some amount of knowledge or exposure to computer and data networking would be much helpful.

What is cloud consulting?

Cloud consulting involves aiding businesses in evaluating, strategizing, planning, executing, and refining their initiatives related to cloud computing. Moreover, it offers guidance, expertise, and recommendations to organizations seeking to leverage cloud technologies and services in alignment with their business goals.

What is a cloud technology consultant?

A Cloud Technology Consultant serves as the link between an organization’s technical aspects and its business objectives. Typically, they provide advice to clients on the design, development and infrastructure of applications.

What does a cloud technology consultant do?

A Cloud Technology Consultant is responsible for designing, developing, implementing and testing both infrastructure and application deployements. This role involves gathering and assessing user and business requirements, forumulating specifications and designs, and delving into advanced Cloud technologies to assist customers in enhancing their business performance.

Why should you start a career with cloud computing?

The demand for entry-level Cloud Consultants are on the rise globally and is regarded as one of the emerging early cloud careers. Cloud Development & Management (a key part of the Cloud Consultant role) is the fastest-growing major skill cluster at a CAGR of 68% since 2021. (Draup Research).

What are the modes of training I can avail?

Students can avail both online and offline mode of training. However offline training sessions are only available during the weekends.

What are the course fees? Can I avail installments?

Course fees for different modules are mentioned in our brochure but that may varies time to time. Please contact our help line number or our website for details a latest information.

Yes, we offer payment in 2 instalments.

Will I get a certificate after completing the course?

Yes, AWS/Azure course completion certificates are given by the institute after the completion of the course.

However, if you want to have the vendor certification then you need to purchase the voucher for those exams and appear and clear the respective online examinations. We can assist you in purchasing the voucher and getting an exam slot.

Do you offer any job guarantee?

We are not providing any job guarantee. We will arrange interviews as per the requirements of our partners and assist our students in getting a placements.

Python Course

Am I eligible?

Will I Secure Employment After Completing the Python Certification Course?

There are numerous opportunities in the field of Python programming. Upon course completion, you should be well-positioned to secure a job. Employers typically conduct screening tests, assessing your Python skills and knowledge. Successful completion of these tests is often a prerequisite for employment.

How are online classes conducted?

WhiteHat Academy holds classes via Google Meet. Video Recordings of the class are available for future references.

What happens if I miss an online class?

No need to panic! You can always view the video recording of the class later.

How can I enrol in this course?

To enrol in this course, check out the “Admission section” for announcements. You can enrol online by paying the course fees directly. Contact us if you need further guidance.

I Have Worked on Python Projects During My Academic Years – Do I Still Need to Learn Python?

Yes, this is a professional Python certification course designed to train students in advanced Python programming for applications on websites and projects within India. The course goes beyond basic academic Python projects, introducing several new techniques and skills essential for professional Python development.

Data Science Course

Will I get a job after completing the course?

Completing the course equips you with the skills and knowledge needed for potential job placements. Employers typically conduct screening tests, often evaluating your proficiency in data science concepts, coding skills, and problem-solving abilities.

How are online classes held?

Online classes are typically conducted through Google Meet. These may include live video sessions, interactive discussions, and access to course materials. Video recordings of the classes will be available for future reference.

Will I be able to

What happens if I miss an online class?

Not to worry! You can view the video recording of the class later, according to your preferences.

How can I enroll in this course?

To enroll in this course, check out our “Admission section” for the upcoming batches. You can enroll in this course by paying the course fees online. Contact us if you have any further queries.

Laravel Course

Is Laravel a good career option?

What if I have doubts and questions in mind?

There will be a class for questions and answers. The trainer will be answering all questions.

Will I be able to

Will there be practical classes?

Yes. Day 8 will be for practical session.

UI/UX Design Course

Is web designing a good career option?

How do I become a professional web designer?

You need to learn web designing and give your career a kick-start.

What does a web designer do?

A web designer is engaged in the construction of a website with CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. They are responsible for the look and feel, usability and layout of the website.

Are there freelance opportunities?

Yes, you can work from home as a freelance web designer also.

How do I get started with a course?

If you are new to web designing, you can start with our web design for beginners.

WordPress Training Course

Are WordPress skills in demand?

What if I have doubts and questions in mind?

There will be a class for questions and answers. The trainer will be answering all questions.

Will there be practical classes?

Yes. Day 8 will be for practical session.

HTML Course

Is HTML easy to learn?

How long does it take to learn HTML?

Our course duration is of 20 hours and at the end of the course you will have a good idea about HTML. Those who have some kind of technical knowledge can master HTML in a few weeks.

Can I get a job after learning HTML?

Yes, you will definitely find work when you learn HTML and CSS. You can work as a website designer. HTML is suitable for professional software engineers and non-programmers. How it is important to keep upgrading yourself.

PHP Course

Is PHP a good career option?

What if I have questions or queries – will there be a session to clear my doubts?

Yes, there are two classes allotted for question/answers and practice.

Will I be able to learn in the 10 classes?

Yes, you should be able to understand the basics of PHP and have a good idea about how it can help you further your career.

I have no idea about PHP, can I still attend?

Yes, this course is for beginners and introduces the basics of PHP.

Web Design Course

Am I eligible for the web design course?

How will the classes be held?

Classes will be held online via Google Meet. Video recordings of the classes will be available.

What will happen if I miss a class?

You can watch the video recording of the class.

What kind of jobs can I apply for after the completion of the course?

Depending on the course you choose, you can apply for the position of 1) Website designer 2) HTML coder 3) PHP developer and more.

What if I do not understand something and need clarification? Will help be available?

Yes, there will be specific classes where the queries of the students will be answered and where students can seek clarification.

Will there be assignments?

Yes, there will be classes dedicated for assignment reviews and feedback. Students can take advantage of direct learning from the instructor.



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