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Why You Should Go for a Paid Google Analytics Program and Not a Free One

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Why You Should Go for a Paid Google Analytics Program and Not a Free One

Google Analytics has become an essential skill set in a digital marketer’s portfolio, providing valuable insight into different marketing strategies that are in use. With competition at an all time high, the proper implementation of Google Analytics has become crucial for the success of any strategy. This creates a host of opportunities for young professionals and freshers alike, to acquire the required knowledge and skillset for digital marketing applications. Of course, there are both free and paid Google Analytics courses which can be found in abundance if we do a quick Google search.

Some people may argue that there is no need to pay for a course which is also available for free. While this line of reason is not exactly wrong on the face of it, it is not at all advisable to learn this vast subject without any form of external tutoring. There are good reasons for this. Nowadays there is a wealth of free information and resources available online with learning tools like instructor videos, integrated discussions, and comprehension testing to better assist the candidate. There is a wide prevalence of these. However, paid courses to provide the learner a systematic approach, offering a bespoke and efficient lesson plan with dedicated instructors who ensure that applicants get the optimal levels of knowledge, both practical and theoretical.

What you get From a Paid analytics course

There are a variety of advantages that come with a paid analytics course, which contribute to a better understanding of the subject. They are as follows.

1. Core Concepts: The core concepts of Google Analytics form the backbone of its practical applications. From free sources, only informational resources like documents and videos are available and the methodology often lacks discipline and a definite goal. Paid Analytics courses which feature physical classrooms are great for young professionals, which can strengthen the core concepts from an initial stage. Many students prefer the direct interaction they get with Google Certified instructors and professionals, who can effectively shed light on its practical usage.

2. Customer Behavioural Analysis: Customer Behavior Analysis comes hand in hand with Google Analytics and is required for the effective implementation of relationship marketing. The intricacies and details associated with it can be a tricky subject to grasp, especially when an applicant is relying on free tools and resources. Paid courses offer a classroom-like environment where experienced certified professionals can explain the process in depth. Customer Behavioural Analysis should not be overlooked as much of Google Analytics functionality depends on customer buying behavior information.

3. Getting updated information: Google conducts regular maintenance programs and updates its system to eliminate any loopholes that may be present. Search result rankings depend on a complicated set of algorithmic calculations that are regularly revamped when necessary. For this reason, depending on online resources is not a good idea, as most of the free information may be outdated and redundant. By signing up for a paid course, certified instructors will have up to date information and industry knowledge, addressing all doubts that applicants might have.

The Importance of Paid Courses for a young professional

Google Analytics is a vast subject as mentioned before, consisting of many functional components. With Digital Marketing picking up speed, more and more professionals are looking to strengthen their knowledge on this subject. Paid Google analytics courses give deep insight into subjects like,

1. Real-time data analysis: Real-time data analysis is a necessary skill that contributes greatly to the functionality of Google Analytics. Paid courses explain this concept in detail and allow young professionals to test their tracking skills in real-time.

2. Social Media Comparisons: Social Media Marketing is a necessity in the highly competitive digital market. With so many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc available, it makes the task extremely difficult to comprehend. Proper working knowledge of Google Analytics can help an individual gauge the effectiveness of each of these platforms and how each user reacts to it.

3. User Experience: Because of the increased stress on a hands-on approach and practical examples in the paid courses, the concept of improving the user experience becomes simpler to understand. Google Analytics allows users to track visitor navigation on their websites. Relevant information like traffic retention time, and traffic movement between pages, allowing the management to remove bottlenecks from their user interface. This works especially well with website landing pages and website redesigns.

With the digital presence of brands playing a key role in promoting goods and services, the need for certified and professional technicians who have in-depth knowledge of Google Analytics is being felt today. Armed with powerful features, Google Analytics can be the perfect weapon to tackle competition. It makes sense to get the best quality training from paid Google Analytics courses, for a practical and effective approach to the tool.

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