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Why digital marketing certification is more worthy than a college degree

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Why digital marketing certification is more worthy than a college degree

The moment school life is over it can start to feel scary because you’re often under the pressure about what career path to choose. It is one of the most stressful periods for many people. But it doesn’t have to be. Whether you just finished your schooling or just exploring different educational options in order to change your career path, digital marketing might just be your solution. Digital marketing is one of the most flourishing career paths in the present world of the internet. To enter into this world, you can always begin with a certification course or a degree in digital marketing. But a professional certification is the best way to go about.

Here a bunch of reasons why a digital marketing certification will prove to be more worthwhile than a college degree if you wish to pursue digital marketing as a career:

1.       Saves money

It is a no brainer that a certification course cost much lesser than a university or college degree. The digital marketing certification courses are carried out for a short period of time like 3 or 6 months when compared to 3 to 4 years of college which makes it possible to be cheaper than college. On the other hand, many digital marketing certification courses are online courses which allow students to save up on transportation and accommodation fees.

 2.       Allows flexibility

Flexibility sounds great in general already and this is exactly what a digital marketing certification course offers you. Most courses on digital marketing are available online which gives you the flexibility of choosing when and from where you wish to attend the training session.

3.       Saves time

You not only save money opting for a digital marketing certification course, but you also save time. A digital marketing college degree will cost you 4 years or even more while a certification course will only take up a month or 6 months depending on the type of course and the skills you wish to attain.

 4.       Anyone and everyone can do it

Digital marketing is one such career that can be opted by basically everyone. Irrespective of your age, previous career path and educational background, you can choose to get certified for digital marketing. You do not need to have prior knowledge in order to be able to understand and learn this field educations. All you need is the eagerness to learn. It is meant for all also because people with domestic responsibilities or transportation issues can always opt for online courses and learn from the comfort of their homes.

5.        Valuable and acceptable

One of your biggest concerns while doing a certification course is whether it has value, and will the certificate be acceptable. You do not need to stress over this since many reputed digital marketing certification courses hold more value than many university and college degrees. This is possible because the courses are designed to prove to be industry-oriented training which is exactly what the field of digital marketing needs. Companies are now focusing on candidates that have skills specifically meant for the industry than just theoretical knowledge of the generic subjects such as math or marketing that do not completely apply to one particular field.

6.       Up-to-date

University or college courses and their syllabus do not change often according to the changing requirements of the industries but when it comes to digital marketing certification course it keeps changing and updating its course accordingly. This is possible because the courses are designed by professionals from the digital marketing field. Since the courses are industry-oriented, they are kept updated according to the latest trends and changes.

There are many digital marketing companies that offer quality online and offline certification courses. You can apply too and kickstart your digital marketing career right away since there is no better time than now.

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