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Why a professional digital marketing certification is a Must

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Why a professional digital marketing certification is a Must

f you have just graduated and looking forward to an exciting career, then think about digital marketing! In the 21st century, when the whole world relies on the internet for anything and everything, the importance of digital marketing continues to rise. All you need to do for starting your career is doing a digital marketing course in Kolkata. With a professional digital marketing certification, you will certainly be ahead of the competition.

What is digital marketing?

Simply as the name suggests, digital marketing focuses on digital channels. It is the way of promoting any company and its products and services on the internet, so that it reaches the maximum number of people and gains potential clients locally, nationally or internationally. The key components of digital marketing are –

  • Search engine optimisation.
  • Search engine marketing.
  • PPC advertising.
  • Email marketing.
  • Google analytics.

The professional digital marketing certification can be even more useful than a university degree, and the reasons are –

1.       Directly focused on your career

Studying on the general line and achieving a degree may improve your educational qualifications, but it is not very useful when you are looking for a job. You will still have so many options open in front of you, and each one of them will require specific qualifications and skills which you will have to gain through more studying. A digital marketing certification, however, is solely career-oriented and it directly makes you a potential candidate for SEO, PPC, social media or content marketing. So, you can have your brain focused on a single career option and get a job easily.

2.       Time-saving

Depending on how much knowledge you want to gain and how many skills you need to acquire, completing a digital marketing course in Kolkata and getting a certificate takes between one month to six months roughly. After you get the certification, you will be recognised as a trained digital marketing professional. It takes a very little time to start your career with this certification which is not that easy to do with a university degree.

3.       Universally recognised

Certifications like Google Adwords certificate and Bing Ads certificate are accepted and recognised widely. No matter where you want to relocate and get a job, companies will accept the digital marketing certifications for the value and credibility they carry and recognise as a skilled professional. University degrees of one place, however, can be useless in another place in some cases.

More Reasons to Do

1.       Flexibility

To earn university degrees or certificates for most of the courses, you need to attend classes regularly which may not be convenient for all. There are high chances that you may need to do the desired or required course while you are already doing a job. It is possible with digital marketing as these the academies offer flexible time for classes like weekends and in the evening on weekdays so you can attend the classes after finishing your work at the office.

2.       Practical training

When you enrol for any digital marketing course, along with the theory, the instructors also provide adequate practical training which helps the students mastering the skills. You also get to do an internship at the end of the course and have the real working experience in an office environment. The best part is the digital marketing academies use the constructive feedback of their student to improve the course.

If you want to do a digital marketing course in Kolkata, you can enrol to the White Hat Academy. Get in touch with us to know more about Google Adwords certification and how you can get it!


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