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10th October, 2022

What is the Role of an SEO Expert?

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What is the Role of an SEO Expert?

As marketing has almost completely shifted to digital platforms, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialist has turned out to be an in-demand job. An SEO expert or specialist is someone who works to enhance the ranking of a website in the results of search engines. An SEO professional is responsible for optimising the pages a website in such a way that they rank higher in search engine results.

The biggest advantage of the job profile is that it does not demand any formal education or degree. You can simply get SEO training in Kolkata to build the required skills to get certified as an SEO expert.

The Job Role of an SEO Expert

An SEO specialist can work in an SEO or digital marketing agency as a full-time employee. SEO experts can also work as freelancers. Typically, the job role of an SEO expert demands the following:

  • Proper knowledge of the different kinds of SEO techniques and how to effectively utilise each one. You should be able to draft a strategy that contains all the effective techniques in the right balance.
  • Optimisation of the technical framework of the website to make it SEO friendly. This is to ensure that search engines can easily index and crawl the website.
  • Improving the overall usability and structure of the website. Search engine ranks depend on how well a website is structured as high usability will facilitate audience in navigating through the website easily.
  • Analysing the SEO performance of the website and conducting SEO audits.
  • Performing thorough keyword research to select the keywords that should be targeted during SEO. You will have to utilise these keywords to get backlinks and get higher rankings for the website.
  • Optimising the content of the website for both – the audience and the search engines. Quality content and readability are essential for higher ranks.
  • Executing link building techniques to enhance the link profile of the website.
  • Monitoring the website’s rank in different search engines and improving rank through effective SEO techniques.
  • Creation, analysis and interpretation of SEO reports using analytical and reporting tools like Google Analytics and others.
  • Being up-to-date with the factors affecting SEO rankings and staying adapt with changes and new developments.
  • Having a sound knowledge of HTML. This is required to optimise the structure of the website for SEO.
  • Knowledge of popular CMS tools like WordPress

SEO Expert – Skills Required

While one doesn’t need a degree to become an SEO specialist, one does require certain skills. These can be easily acquired by taking SEO training in Kolkata. These skills are somewhat broad, varying from writing to speaking and reporting even. Here are some skills that one should possess to be an SEO specialist:

  • Decent English speaking and writing skills
  • Technical SEO skills
  • On-Page SEO skills
  • SEO writing skills i.e. writing content
  • Link building or Off-Page SEO skills
  • Reporting and analytical skills
  • Presentation and communication skills
  • Research skills
  • Programming skills
  • Digital Marketing skills

These are the key skills that an SEO expert must possess in order to execute the best SEO techniques and generate better ranks for the website in search engine results. To get these skills, you can enrol for SEO training in Kolkata.

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