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10th October, 2022

Valuable Tips to Enhance Your Site’s SEO-Friendliness

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Valuable Tips to Enhance Your Site’s SEO-Friendliness

SEO or Search Engine optimisation is indispensable for any e-commerce concern in today’s world. Without keyword optimisation and target-based campaigning, there is absolutely zero chance of achieving success in any kind of business which is chiefly carried out online. But, use of SEO alone is not enough, if companies don’t aim it at the effective targets and spice up their content so it becomes easily noticeable in the crowd. Below are a few things to concentrate on, if one hopes to get ahead in the digital marketing space:

Optimise Content:
This is extremely important; in fact, this is the thing of foremost importance. Having high quality content serves several purposes: it improves user experience, helps the readers to trust the page and the company, and also prompts Google to rank it higher up on search index. There’s a reason for that last one: The greater the number of pages, the more indexing done by Google. Every page that is posted is indexed by Google. Hence, the greater the number of pages posted, the bigger the opportunities for high-ranking pages. If articles are posted frequently, it gives out a signal to Google crawlers’ artificial intelligence that there is ‘intent’ in the articles. And if interested viewers follow your page and read everything that’s posted in it, then it would appear that the pages are serving the purpose of enriching the reader’s search experience and proving them with a great online shopping experience.

Target SEO at the Local Level:
This largely depends on the kind of business you’re in. But generally, it helps if you optimise your website to appear at the top of localised searches, which are aimed at services or merchandise (whichever your business revolves around). Thus, local search optimisation involves doing close scrutiny of competitors and devising ways to outdo them. Design your web pages in several versions and languages, of which the local-language page must be completely designed in a way meant to cater to the choices and sensibilities of a particular geographical and cultural demographic group.

Design a Mobile Version of Your Website to Make it More Accessible:
Google has recently introduced ‘mobile-friendliness’ as a parameter to rank websites. Google receives a lot of mobile search queries when it comes to specific kinds of sites. Therefore, it is extremely important to take this into account when revamping websites and bringing about improvements. Making your site mobile-friendly would mean customising it in a manner so that it is easy to view on a mobile phone user interface. This will not only improve your site’s accessibility and make for increased viewership, but it will also make Google judge you positively on the mobile-friendliness count.

Design Your Content to Give Customers What They’re Looking for:
You should prioritise keyword planning. As in, you should insert keywords at the correct junctures, where they are most likely to enhance the overall value of the content and give customers what they’re looking for.

Overall, it all comes down to how effective a company is at communicating with its customer base. Google’s changes mostly imply the creation of a network of links which can be classified as spam, and it is impossible to stay ahead of the game only by sprinkling the text with random keywords. Links are built keeping in mind individual relationships. The game of algorithm adjustment drives most companies to create links in a manner which enables people to find what they are looking for, while at the same time getting the site more views. Having social media accounts and media back-links do their bit to add credibility to a particular e-commerce website. Thus, a huge part of your time should be devoted to building genuine relationships with your expertise, rather than just blindly build links in an effort to garner site views.

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