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Using guest blogging for natural linkbuilding

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Using guest blogging for natural linkbuilding

Guest blogging or guest posting is the name given to the act of writing content for another company’s website. The content of a guest blogger is typically similar within their industry and the main purpose typically includes the following:

  • Create quality relationships with members of the same industry
  • Enhance their brand awareness and integrity
  • Lure traffic to their websites
  • Enhance their domain authority by incorporating internal links to high-authority domains.

What is most appealing about guest blogging is that they create a win-win situation for both the guest blogger and the website hosting the content. So if you plan on incorporating guest blogging, do consider featuring posts by guest bloggers on your site because it’s one of the most constructive and lucrative linkbuilding approaches.

So let’s get straight to the main question that is how to use guest blogging for natural linkbuilding.

1.      Know where to pitch

The first thing to do would be researching where you want to pitch for publication. The selection process should be very specific and thorough. There is a large volume of high domain authority sites delivering guest blogging opportunities but you must be picky and choose the one that is ideal for you and appropriate for your type of content.

You can also rely on trusted media platforms for publishing sponsored content on which media editors can also work. This is a good experimental approach which clearly exhibits the importance of linkbuilding. The media as a publication is an instant exposure to highly educated audiences where your brand’s success story will be evaluated and you will get some quality feedback.

2.      Pitching ideas

Now that you know where you want to pitch, the following step is to send an email to the editor or blogger your guest post ideas. And then it’s the waiting game for the response.

3.      Seek out the most favourable blogging opportunities

To initiate any guest posting campaign you must have an idea of the targets you want to hit. Therefore here is a short list of some of the most favourable blogging opportunities to give you some idea:

  • The influencer approach

Today’s world is run by influencers. Therefore it’s only fit to find guest blogging opportunities by following the footsteps of an influencer. The simplest way to find an influencer is to do Google. If you have already been in this field for a long time you’re already aware of some of the top influencers in your industry. Just Google to find those influencers’ guest posts and start targeting every website where they guest blog. The icing on the cake is that top influencers mostly preferred to publish on authority blogs so you will be blessed with some top-quality targets.

  • The Google search approach

This is probably the most common approach utilised since many blogs maintain pages requesting guest posts. These typically become convenient targets considering they publicly share their guest posting guidelines.

4.      Write guest blogs to captivate your audience

You need to create blog posts that will grab the readers mind and keep them coming back for you. Following are some of the great linkbuilding strategies that you can incorporate to produce captivating blog posts:

  • Add contextual backlinks
  • Add high-quality images
  • Pay attention to readability
  • Pay attention to data research and facts checking

5.      Publish

After your content is in the hands of the editor you have to wait a few days for their feedback so that the necessary changes can be made before the article is published.

The waiting game can differ from a few days to months depending on the blog. So do remember to consider that. In addition to that, guest post writing can also be considered under progressive linkbuilding services. So if everything goes right you can easily achieve high-quality backlinks.

And lastly, once your content is published, you have managed to build a relationship that you can save for future opportunities.

6.      Allow and engage with comments on your guest posts

Always engage with your audience after your guest post is published, especially with the ones who leave valuable comments. This will enhance the commenter’s experience and you will have successfully created yourself quality recognition.

There is no doubt that guest posting is a highly successful SEO strategy that you can incorporate for growing backlinks to your website. This is because popular blogs have large reach and followers and those people, if they like your content, will come back to your website for more. Therefore using guest blogging for natural linkbuilding is a blessing and every website should exploit it.

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