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10th October, 2022

Top 5 Social Channels to Build Personal Branding Successfully

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Top 5 Social Channels to Build Personal Branding Successfully

Personal branding means making your identity discoverable throughout internet. If someone searches your name then Google should display enough information about you so that searchers can get to know about you. It is like selling yourself or making yourself presentable to the searchers.

Social media is important as it has given enough platforms for branding our own business as well as to accomplish our goals. It is essential to get introduced to the various social media weapons and make full use of them.

Why should one opt for personal branding?

There are some immediate benefits of personal branding. Note that effective branding can lead to important benefits like crafting a strong client connection, getting connected with business partners, increasing one’s social and professional credibility by creating a close association with the market. Finally it can be said that business of any size and scope should seek the benefit of the various social channels to reap the necessary benefits.

Social Media Channels

1.      Facebook – There are some easy waysto make full use of Facebook to promote one’s personal branding like setting one’s vanity URL to customize domain on Facebook. So you can customize the FB URL with your full name, so that it qualifies to rank high (as keywords in URL serves as a ranking factor for SEO) when someone searches with your name.

One can use the privacy setting to make different friend groups and manage them differently. Note in this context that one can get a professional picture only to be shared with the professional group. Also fill in the professional information in the personal profile. Make full use of the feature of BranchOut. Finally make use of the features like social RSS feed, update status with something informative, apply Facebook events etc. to optimize your personal branding to the fullest.

2.      LinkedIn-This social media tool is popularly used for the professional purpose. It is the best platform to remain connected with the professionals of the same industry. It can be rightly called as the world’s largest professional network. The site is available in various languages.Perhaps the most important benefit of LinkedIn is that it provides access to the experts in other fields and gives a platform to get the best possible consultation. One can also leverage the benefits of emailing to over 50 poeple at once. There are various useful features like the inmails, export connections etc. In a nutshell it is the best way to find others and get funded in the professional world effortlessly.

3.      Twitter-Twitter is a powerful social media to uplift one’s social branding. There are some easy ways with the help of which one can create an excellent social branding like uploading a professional looking photo, build a bio which can be easily reached by common keywords, can add a website link to the profile, indicate your location, discover and post relevant contents based on any criteria.

4.      Pinterest-This is the perfect visual complement among all social media presence, rounding out own personal brand. After creating an account on Pinterest you can make the most of few features such as Pins, Boards, Pin It Button and Repin. Not only images, you can share your own content with your followers. Collecting and pinning pieces of imagery can be extremely influential in building your personal brand.

5.      AboutMe-This is the apt platform where you can brand yourself for your career. It is the easiest way to build a profile page that showcases your unique identity, and develop connections with others. All you need your own image and a readable CV. Through variety of simple tools, about.me unites your presence on the web, acts as a key point for people to learn about you and fosters a community where you can discover like-minded individuals. So whether you are a job seeker, millennial or student, just trust about.me, offering facile way to build a personal brand.

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