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10th October, 2022

Top 4 Unique Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in the Year 2022

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Top 4 Unique Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in the Year 2022

In 2022, people around the globe want things to be as different from the previous as possible. In an attempt to obtain uniqueness, the digital marketing sphere brings out unorthodox experiences to engage with the target audience. Diversifying social media activity is a major part of it but as we know, digital marketing envelopes broader social outlets which sometimes could make strategizing, an overwhelming task. In the following, we would lay out some unique insights on digital marketing trends fit for 2022.

  • Social media is the top channel for purchase:

Digital marketing enthusiasts already know how to leverage social medial platforms as a discovery tool for their brand. But after spending nearly a year locked up at home and eyes glued on phone (or tablet) screens, people are now waking up to the fact that several brands sold most of their merchandise through social media. Social media outlets such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat have taken an advanced step to continue “seamless” social commerce through their platforms.

  • Brands need to be just as informed as their buyers:

Consumers who mostly shop for reputed brands expect personalization and individuality from their buying experience. This year is going to be all about leveling up the personal commerce game and allowing buyers to co-curate their experience for better and quicker responses. Understanding buyers’ dynamic mindset is one pre-requisites to reflect their preferences. Your strategy should help consumers come to a conclusion regarding what to buy next based on the data previously consolidated through engaging them on different sites and channels. Collecting first-party shopper data and utilizing it in meaningful ways would increase on-site activities.

  • Last year’s necessities are this year’s constants:

Going through a global pandemic has left a deep impact on people’s minds, preferences, and habits. The year 2021 taught us what “essential” really means and how we often surrounded ourselves with less important things. Meeting, interaction, events, education, work, and even leisure went through a virtual makeover out of necessity. Industry experts believe that the virtual aspect of life would remain in 2022 and beyond. Companies recorded increased participation in virtual events as compared to their in-person activities. Through engaging in virtual experiences, brands could receive higher ROI for less. Combing great speakers with rich, and creative content is going to increase in popularity this year.

  • Focused social channels and planned live interactions:

Reducing the number of social channels could be beneficial for companies in order to de-clutter efforts to stay relevant on all of them. It is better and more convenient to choose which social media platform is more relevant to your brand and then channel your influence using that platform. As some of the most iconic events and award shows such as Game Awards, Golden Globes, and now Grammy go virtual, it is time to include your audience for live interactions regarding something relevant and authentic that would help your brand presence to expand.


The aforementioned digital marketing techniques are supposed to come in handy for any individual interested in making the most out of the online tools and platforms to grow one’s business.

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