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Top 3 Skills You Should Have to be a Successful Digital Marketer

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Top 3 Skills You Should Have to be a Successful Digital Marketer

According to a research, the amount of content on the internet will grow over 600% by the year 2020. That means how much we know about the internet, and how much we are dependent on it, it will be six times more than now. This clearly holds the reason why digital marketer jobs will be one of the most important career opportunities than ever before.

Being a Co-ordinator of White Hat Academy, I often face a few questions from the students or the people who are interested in digital marketing course. Among them the most frequent one is- “What skills should I have to be a digital marketer?” or “what do I need to know before learning digital marketing?” This content is all about the skills one should have in order to be a successful digital marketer.

Before discussing about the different skills you should have in order to become a digital marketer, I need to mention about what is the importance of formal education for a career in digital marketing? Well, you don’t need to have a graduation degree in order to be a good marketer. In fact, there is no educational qualification as such that you need to have. An MBA degree is good but not necessary. However, you need to have different skills to build your career in digital marketing. Read on-

1.       Intellectual curiosity:

According to psychology, a person with a strong intellectual curiosity has a persistent eagerness to know more about something. As with the advancement of technology, marketing and business is evolving continuously, it is not sufficient to learn things at a superficial level, in fact you should spark your intellectual curiosity. This will help you understanding every detail of a fact.

2.       Creativity – Let your imagination fly:

The marketing trend has been changed to a great extent since last 25 years. Therefore, creativity is the only skill that can make you different from others. Being creative you will be able to find unique ways in order to cut through the increasing information clutter. Not only that, by cultivating your creative side, you can make memorable and successful marketing campaigns. This will also be counted as a skill for solving problems.

3.       Passion:

Though passion is not directly related to make your career in digital life, it is still important to discuss  it. If you have passion for anything you do, you will positively achieve success. Your passion for learning will make you a successful digital marketer. Without passion you will not be able to fulfil your dream of being a digital marketer.

Apart from these three skills you need to have some other skills like –

  • Ability to execute
  • Analytic and data driven metrics (the ability to find different ways to gather data and assemble it in order to make intelligent marketing decision) and
  • Current digital marketing knowledge (basic knowledge about social media, Google Analytics and Adwords).

Though knowledge and experience are not necessarily skills in themselves, they are highly required in the competitive job market. You will be able to gather knowledge by taking a digital marketing course. Once you have gathered knowledge practically, you will be able to gain experience.


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