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10th October, 2022

The length of a blog post – What do the experts say?

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The length of a blog post – What do the experts say?

A blog is an informational website or a type of online journal presenting information in the reverse chronological order where the new posts come into view first, at the top. It is also a platform where a group of writers publish their writings and share their views on a particular topic. Blogs are used for several distinct purposes such as:

  • Luring quality traffic to your website
  • Converting the traffic into leads
  • Help consumer queries

Clearly, a blog is an extremely powerful tool in the digital marketing aspect. So let’s come to the main question that is what should be the length of a blog post?

After much research and observation, experts have come to the conclusion that search engines prefer long posts, specifically the posts that are based on solving readers’ issues or struggles.

Why do the experts think long blog posts are ideal for efficient SEO?

1.      Longer content = More backlinks

We all are aware that backlinks are critical for Google rankings. This is because backlinks are the foundation of the PageRank algorithm and there is a positive relationship between backlinks and word count.

This relation is witnessed because longer posts look striking which becomes a reason for people linking to them. But that does not mean you can write any long blog post and get away with it. You must start by knowing how to write valuable articles. This might sound very obvious but it is very critical.

A point to remember is that most people are not going to link to a blog post they have not read and the number of such people will increase if your blog posts are extremely long and take hours and hours to complete reading.

The solution to that inconvenience is to try and keep your blog posts concise, crisp and fluff-free.

2.      Longer content = More organic traffic

Experts have also analysed that there is an adequate amount of positive relation between content length and organic traffic.

Since Google prefers long articles and posts, it brings forward certain convincing reasons to why the positive relation exists, such as:

  • There exists a positive association between backlinks and word counts typically up to 1000 words.
  • Longer content can easily cover many subtopics and can be very detailed. This is also the reason why longer content ranks more for long-tail keywords.
  • Since long articles are detailed and thorough they can consist of a large number of keywords that people may search while googling. This means that you have a higher chance of ranking.

If your article is not thorough and detailed you will not rank high and you will notice your competitive posts beating you to it.

The solution to this is to write articles that consist of only the essential pieces of information. After you have collected all the essential information, then you can go into doing research for subtopics. The easiest way to achieve that is by understanding what the top-ranking blogs are doing and how they are writing their content.

Lastly, to create high-quality long posts that are certain aspects you must check for consistently to attract more readers. The aspects are as follows:

1.      Make use of headings

Headings are very important for the structure of your blog post.They serve two important purposes including representing top to down hierarchy as well as allowing readers to skim through the blog post. Headings also make blog posts very clear and organised making it more enjoyable to read.

2.      Use readable texts

Your blog post should contain readable content which typically means it should have a proper logical line of thought. Readable texts should also lack any kind of surplus vocabulary or sentences. Try to keep down the use of passive voice as well.

3.      Create original content

It definitely becomes difficult to create original content especially when there is so much information already existing on the web. Therefore start focusing on your own style of writing and reflect on what makes your content unique and you will be good to go.

The bottom line is, you must stop worrying about the length of your blog post. Instead try and focus on creating content that is valuable, readable, crisp and to the point, while following SEO best practices. Such articles and blog posts will conveniently attract readers and rank high.

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10TH OCTOBER, 2022

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