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10th October, 2022

The 5 C’s of Effective SEO

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The 5 C’s of Effective SEO

In this digital age, creating a strong online presence has become more important than ever. A crucial part of doing this is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, that helps in optimising the ranking of the website in the search engine results. Better rank means better visibility, driving more traffic to the website. SEO is a simple skill that one can easily master with an SEO course in Kolkata.

The practice of SEO consists of 5C’s or five basic elements:

1.          Code

While a good code is no guarantee of high search engine rankings, a poor code will prevent good rankings. This is often referred to as technical SEO, which is a fundamental part of SEO. Fixing the code for a website to ensure it has good SEO is a basic step. Many SEO professionals often consider that SEO revolves around this, though this is only one part of the whole practice.

2.          Content

Regardless of the growth and progress of the digital era, the value of words and content cannot be diminished. Content is invaluable to any website and an effective way of generating website traffic. The content should be drafted such that it communicates the unique selling point of the company y appealing to the target audience. However, simply stuffing the content with keywords is not an effective way of marketing. You need to ensure that the content resonates with what your audience is looking for. Again, it is important to remember that both matter equally – the content that you write as well as the content written for you by other people.

3.          Connections

The links connecting to your website are of immense importance. Search engines pick external links to a website, considering these as an indicator to the relevance of a website for a specific query.  Quality links to a website can enhance the recognition and ranking of a website tremendously. To ensure the quality of the links, it is crucial to identify the right influencers and identify how the links promote your website.

4.          Communications

You will not get any direct SEO-related benefits from social media, but it is still extremely crucial for the success of an SEO program. Having a robust social media visibility will help in cultivating strong influencer relationships and building strong brand recognition. For instance, within the first few search results, the one having the strongest recognition is more likely to get a click, regardless of its position.

5.          Capture

At times, the client wishes to target a specific keyword and get a higher ranking for it. This is based entirely on their intuition that the specific keyword will help them generate higher traffic. However, these clients can often be wrong. There are several broad keywords that sit at the top of the search funnel. To understand such keywords, you will need proper knowledge and look beyond the latest conversion data.

While this might seem tricky, an SEO course in Kolkata can help achieve the 5C’s easily and ensure higher rankings for your website.

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