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10th October, 2022

SEO Course in Kolkata-What You Learn and Benefits of Certification

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SEO Course in Kolkata-What You Learn and Benefits of Certification

Search engine optimization is not a buzzword but an old practice that has been transformed and improved over the years. As the world of online businesses keeps expanding, the competition to hold the top spot on search engine results pages gets fiercer. Small business owners don’t have the budget and assistance to obtain the top of the search engine results page instantly. Learning SEO techniques opens the doors to better rankings for your pages so that they can gain more visitors. An SEO course in Kolkata can help you learn the basics of this technique and help you implement it in real life.

But why should you learn SEO anyway?

People who ask questions like, “Why is SEO needed for businesses anyway?” are the ones who have never researched its efficacy. If you’re looking for reasons to take an SEO course in Kolkata, keep reading.

  • SEO experts know that it is the best organic way to gain visibility on search engine results pages. If a brand appears on the first search results page, then the chances of gaining a customer increase. Thus, SEO serves as a path to enhanced visibility.
  • SEO also takes care of the user experience of a website and attracts a large section of the audience to a business. By recording a better user experience that leads to positive interaction with the customer, a business could reach the top 10 spots in SERPs organically.
  • Being a data-driven approach, a business must utilize SEO intentionally to make the most of it. As a new technology that is still getting better but more complex each day, people need SEO experts to take care of it.

A lot of people are interested in learning SEO these days, but they fail to find a starting point. By opting for professional or beginner courses, one could expect to be taught hands-on SEO techniques by industry experts at a nominal fee.

But a commonly asked question about any SEO course in Kolkata is, what do you get to learn exactly? The following information will give you an insight into what you get to learn through an ideal SEO course:

  1. The basics of SEO

To become an SEO expert, you need to find and enrol in a professional-tier course. But a beginner who has no experience with SEO would most probably begin with an introduction to SEO. You will learn everything there is about the Google Ranking Algorithm and keywords.

  1. Using professional tools

The best thing about getting a hands-on experience is that you will get familiar with different tools like the Google Keyword Planner Tool and Google Webmaster Tools (now Google Search Console), which are used for monitoring the interaction between a website and Google.

  1. On-page/Onsite techniques

All SEO courses include knowledge about the on-page techniques used to optimize the front end of a website efficiently. Optimizing social media meta tags, page titles, metadata, link structures, XML sitemaps, etc. falls under this section.

  1. Off-page/Offsite techniques

Offsite SEO techniques ensure that a website is deemed worthy for online visitors by the search engine. Think of it as an endorsement from another reliable source. It includes press releases, guest blogging, directory submissions, etc.

  1. Local and advanced SEO

Google prefers web entities that have local SEO, which is why professionals learn to set up a company profile and manage brand reputation as well in SEO courses. Advanced SEO skills like SEO proposal, website audit and analysis are also taught to students who want to delve deeper.


If you are into digital and content marketing or simply looking to learn the ropes of SEO from industry veterans, then enrol in a personalized and recommended SEO course in Kolkata.

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