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10th October, 2022

Relevance of Digital Marketing in Modern World

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Relevance of Digital Marketing in Modern World

The World is becoming more and more accessible and connected today, thanks to technology and internet. People now-a- days situated at any part of the globe can get in touch with their near and dear ones with only a click– such is the power of technology. Mankind and digital technology are in a symbiotic relation in modern world. Modern human cannot imagine a life without being aided by digital technology.

In any kind of corporate or business institutions, marketing holds a key role for success and maintaining client relations for sustainability of the business. In today’s modern era of digitization, success of any profit making company also depends on the use of technology aided electronic media like computers, cellphones, tablets, smartphones etc for marketing in order to reach  out to people.

Going to shops to purchase clothes, shoes, books, gadgets, gifts, jewelry, foods etc is now becoming old-fashioned. Companies are providing options to have a detailed display of their products online with the option of doorstep delivery of their chosen items—credit going to digital marketing, where shopping has become a mere  online see, choose and click activity.

Modern educated sophisticated buyers before going to purchase newly launched products or first time buyer’s make it a point to visit the product/service’s website and surf thoroughly ahead of their purchase decisions. Thus every company has their unique and individual websites, which becomes the first image of the company. These websites are so designed so as to attract maximum online traffic and convert them to potential customers and eventually generate sales. Thus website of each company can be referred to as the face of the company, and corporates invest huge money to maintain their effective digital presence in the online world.

Digital or Online Marketing is the next big thing, which not only will become the indispensible factor for any organization’s success but will also require qualified digital marketers i.e.  will have a high scope of employment in this sector.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Pay-Per-Click Management(PPC) and Social Media Marketing are the main aspects of Digital Marketing. In this era of Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, Google+, maintaining a digital profile both for individuals and companies have become a mandatory ritual. Mobile phones play a vital role as consumers are readily connected real-time with updates and offers that companies have to offer.

Digital marketing is the “in thing” and is going to take over traditional ways of marketing as people are becoming more and more tech-savvy and digital marketing in a way is budget friendly and has the option of being monitored in a 360 degree manner according to need and preferences.

All companies selling some kind of products  or services  also want to be the leaders in the digital world as they know  that through digital marketing they can tap in the maximum potential traffic and customers which in turn will increase their profitability. So Digital Marketing, no doubt, is the booming sector in modern times with huge potential.

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10TH OCTOBER, 2022

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