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Recent Developments in Technology That are Changing the Face of Digital Marketing

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Recent Developments in Technology That are Changing the Face of Digital Marketing

Technology is ever evolving and developing with innovations reaching new heights. Recent developments have made the industry more dynamic, transforming the digital world completely. To keep up with these rapid changes, digital marketing professionals need to keep pace with the latest trends in digital marketing and choose between fancy and practical marketing ideas.

The emerging solutions in technology-based business expansion and promotional solutions are focused on fulfilling the requirements of the commercial markets through the best possible use of these digital breakthroughs. To truly avail the benefits of digital trends, it is essential to digitalize the advertising and marketing sectors completely.

Some of the latest trends that industries and marketing professionals alike are inculcating in their digital marketing strategies include:

1. Chatbots Based on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Chatbots are a new development in the field of customer service, that has been found to be very effective in converting promotional leads into sales. Today, more and more companies are adopting the AI-based customer assistance technology to enhance the customer experience. Chatbots are highly successful due to their ability to remember the preferences of the customers and serve them almost instantly with high accuracy and efficiency. The industry-level marketing techniques enhanced by the use of artificial intelligence aid businesses in making their marketing campaigns more successful and attracting a greater number of customers.

2. Advertising Strategies Powered by Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

AR and VR have gained massive popularity for their ability to create attractive and grasping content. Owing to this, AR is used to create fancy ads that grasp the attention of the audience. Similarly, VR is used to simulate realistic environments that will allow the customer to investigate the dynamics and features of the product. The use of VR and AR marketing trends is sure to boost the market value of the brand.

3. Visual Searches Powered by Voice

The use of voice to search and instruct AI robots has witnessed exponential growth and popularity, eliminating the need to type queries and commands. Many companies are adopting the high-tech technique to provide customers with voice-enabled search capabilities. These methods of visual search integrated with voice allow the customers to scroll through the service and product offerings of the brand in visual forms like pictures, images, portfolios, infographics and much more.

Voice Control, Voice Commands, Ok Google

These are three key trends that are changing the face of digital marketing currently. As the search techniques and patterns are changing, digital marketers and companies must adapt to these changes at the earliest. Inculcating the above trends in their digital marketing strategies is essential to ensure that their brand visibility and search engine ranking is strong, no matter what search technique the targeted audience is using. Modern day marketing is not only about building a strong online presence. Rather, it is about facilitating customers and offering them the best services.

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