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Learn SEO: Link building Mistakes To Avoid

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Learn SEO: Link building Mistakes To Avoid

One of the most serious and basic things about marketing in a digital platform is link building. That is what drives the crowd to your website. When people come and see your website they get the idea of what you sell and if your product is of utmost importance to them. In such a situation link building plays a very important role. Now, what is link building? Link building is creating links between webpages to guide the person, surfing the web, to the desired website address. This is done by creating hyperlinks to words and phrases.

So when someone clicks the hyperlink, he or she can reach the page the hyperlink wants to take him or her. To drive in more traffic to the website, SEO agencies or the marketing expert does some serious mistakes that prove disadvantageous for the website and the Agency. Some are mentioned below.

Buying links

Money can buy a lot of things, but it can say bye to them too. Crawlers of the search engine are developing each day, and they have efficient algorithms to distinguish between genuine and paid links. Also, some systems report to Google about fake and toxic links that have been bought from PBN networks. There are also chances to get penalized by Google. So, it is safe to avoid such discrepancies.

Optimized Anchor Text

You must not use keywords that are filled with anchor texts in them. Google believes that links to anchor texts are a black hat SEO Strategy. So, Google often penalizes the site with such links. It marks these links under spam. This is why you should always be alert while using the anchor texts, not use them too many times. On the contrary, you can use them with various other combinations. If you can make distinct compositions then it would seem natural enough to google bots.

Sidebar and Footer Link Usage

The new era has brought in new trends and security terms. Therefore nowadays using footers and sidebars is a big no. Natural-looking links make more visitors. Moreover, try and go for links that are from various articles. Any manipulation of Google would never be appreciated for faster popularity. So it is best to be away from the footer, sidebars, and site-wide links.

Irrelevancy of links

Nowadays bloggers and influencers post articles that do not pertain to the product or idea they are selling. Suppose you own a company that sells home décor items. If you suddenly try adding a link that is talking about the eye shadow shades of a brand, then that becomes irrelevant. So, it is very important to adhere to the niche. Some SEO experts opine that building quality links is possible from several links, but the guest post must be of very high quality. This should be relevant to the topic for your day too. So, when guests are posting on your site, be careful that they post relevant topic articles.

Fast link building

We all have heard about the line “early success is a scam, great things come with time”. This is exactly applicable here. If you wish to get links fast, you have to manipulate Google and that is something that can ruin you before you rise. If you try and create a thousand links in the very first day, you better comprehend the after effect. Getting links from DA links that are high is better than getting the same from the sites with low DA.

These are some of the mistakes that you must take into consideration, before starting this year. A new year brings in new hope and tells you what to learn from the past. Therefore, before taking a plunge try and avoid these mistakes.

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