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Key Tips for the Webmasters to Create Mobile Friendly Websites

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Key Tips for the Webmasters to Create Mobile Friendly Websites

With the advent of the smart phones much has changed in the behavior of the mobile phone users. Previously people had restricted access to internet, however today the scenario has changed extensively.

As more and more users are using mobile devices to access the internet, Google in turn is updating its search algorithm to track more mobile friendly websites. An important notice for all the webmasters is that effective from April 21st a site’s appearance will be affected by the site’s “mobile friendliness”. This calls for the necessary changes that the sites should undergo so that they belong to the category of being mobile friendly or responsive. However, it requires the necessary researches to contribute to the responsiveness of the websites. Here are few useful tips for the webmasters which can help bring the required changes in the websites and make them more responsive.

Key Tips to Create Mobile Friendly Websites

1.      Websites should be complaint with mobile friendly guidelines: It is important on the part of the webmaster to ensure that the site is compliant with all the necessary guidelines provided by Google .For more details refer  https://developers.google.com/webmasters/mobile-sites/get-started/

2.      Take a mobile -friendly test: It is mandatory to undergo the mobile –friendly test.The test will in turn analyze the given URL and report for the necessary changes (if needed).Take a test  now at https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

3.      Take advice of the Google developer’s tool: It is essential to take assistance of the Google developer’s tool without which the webmaster stands nowhere.

4.       While undergoing technical details refer to the mobile SEO guidelines: It is essential that the site shows up in the search results of the mobile, however for this one needs to configure the sites for multiple devices, more specifically for  the mobile device

5.       Know the budget to build a mobile friendly site: The webmaster should be aware of the amount he is spending for creating the mobile friendly site

6.      Remember not to implement a mobile site on a separate domain: It is mandatory not to implement the mobile site on a separate domain, totally separated from the desktop site. This  unduly increase the work required to maintain the site

7.       Key information to know while working with a developer: There are few guidelines which the webmaster should abide by while working closely with the developers, most commonly checking the portfolio of the developer and ensuring if he has experience in the relevant field

8.      Customize the software of the website:  A popular way to make the site mobile friendly is to upgrade to the site that uses Word press or Joomla  with the help of the webmaster’s mobile friendly guidelines

9.      Implement mobile friendly SEO techniques: It is essential to ensure that the site is getting indexed by the search engine and hence the webmaster has to implement necessary SEO techniques.

Eventually, it can be said that it is essential on the part of the webmaster to know who his target audiences are.He should also be aware of the latest trends and search techniques before creating a website. A website can be created for the desktop or mobile or both. To enable a site to get loaded in the mobile, it has to pass the mobile- friendly tests and get compliant with all the guidelines provided by the search engine .Please note that without the required compliance’s the site need not necessarily get loaded properly in the mobile. Hence the above tips should be kept handy while creating a mobile friendly website.

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