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10th October, 2022

How to Make Your Significant Mark in Local Search in 2015

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How to Make Your Significant Mark in Local Search in 2015

As we round out the year, this is the golden time to discuss what is ahead for SEO and digital marketing in the year 2015. Many businesses have started to look forward to 2015 and are discussing their marketing plans. Businesses depend on the internet to acquire more customers, and as competition for top online searches has been increasing day by day, we need to find more and more new innovative ways to stay ahead of the competitors.

According to the survey, a certain shift is moving toward more traditional web ranking factors. The local search ranking factor survey of last year had Google Places and Citations weighted heavily, but this year’s study shows that on-site signals and links are the most powerful elements.

The shift is undeviating with Google’s Pigeon update, the local ranking algorithm. There were various Local SEOs that professed that they had not hit by Pigeon – but it is more likely that, as they took a more comprehensive approach to Local SEO, their sites received more authority to start with.

The most significant point is that everything we do for both on and off site, should not trying to fool Google into placing your site higher on SERP, but  be working toward the ultimate aim of making user experience imposing. Therefore taking what we’ve been competent to figure out regarding Pigeon update and including in the result from the Local search Engine Ranking Factors survey of 2014, here are 4 key parameters to assist you set the stage for Local Search success effectively in 2015:

  1. 1. G+ page must be verified so that it qualifies to appear in the local section
  2. 2. Full physical address with postal code should be specified in the website
  3. 3. The address should be written within the <address> html tag so that Google can detect it as an address easily.
  4. 4. Title tag should be optimized with the local / niche keywords

Just take a hard look at your site and look at your competitor’s sites, think what you can do to be better!

A proper SEO training can assist you to avoid common pitfalls, make your site the best in your vertical; and achieve Local Search success in 2015.

This can hardly be seen for any websites accurately optimizing for local areas. Bank on a good SEO training institute and learn how to have your local optimization ducks in a row. The basic things that should be included to making the optimization process better is the name of city or state in title tag, H1 heading, content, alt text and URL. This can go a long way toward providing a stronger local signal to both customers and Google.

These are all just certain maneuvers to help with the ultimate goal: to make your site more effective. Stop thinking about how to make your site rank, and start thinking about how to make your site the best in your niche. That’s how you’re going to get your site to rank better and convert more visitors. Drive your business, otherwise you will be driven out of your business.

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