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How to Become a Social Media Manager?

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How to Become a Social Media Manager?

Social media managers are skilled individuals who are entrusted to manage the social media accounts of a business or a person. As social media outlets have started to gain importance, the role of the social media manager has been that of engaging with the audience. The most important skills to pursue this career include a relevant degree and some strong communication skills.

What are the roles of social media managers?

A social media manager is an individual entrusted with the task of maintaining an organization’s communications, marketing or public relations department. The main job of a social media manager is to monitor, filter, contribute and guide the social media presence of a brand, product or business. Since social media platforms are fast-paced, it allows for real-time marketing. This requires social media managers to work quickly and share information as quickly as possible. They are also required to be well-versed in news cycles and have expert knowledge of the industry they are in.

Companies across industries have embraced social media as the main tool for acquiring and retaining customers. Some of the crucial duties include:

  • Publishing content to share through various social media channels as per requirements.
  • Creating content calendars of possible content related to timing and channels.
  • Responding to user-generated comments and feedback.
  • Creating campaigns with brand-focused messages.
  • Using ratings, metrics and analytics to track content and campaign success.
  • Generating promotional strategies and engagement.
  • Staying on top of trends at all times.

The social media manager is entrusted with representing a particular brand with a consistent personality. They should have clear goals of how to interact with customers, partners and even competitors.

Steps to become a social media manager

To become a social media manager, the following steps should be followed.

  1. 1.       Garnering experience in social media marketing strategies

For interested individuals, the best way to garner experience in this field is by reaching out to a friend or family member who owns a small business. They should know more about their business’s nature and objectives. This will provide trainees with real-world work experience which will contribute to skill enhancement.

  1. 2.       Earning a degree or work experience

Not all social media manager designations require a college degree. However, many employers prefer candidates to have a relevant degree in digital marketing. Normally, a degree in business, marketing, advertising, public relations and general communication can help an individual immensely. Alternatively, there are many Google-certified educational programs that consist of training courses in social media management and strategies. Internships are also another way to practice theories and strategies in a working environment.

  1. 3.       Using social media and general marketing

The main weapon of social media managers is analytics which determines how well campaigns and content are performing. The information they get from analytics on social media can help them measure the success of the campaign. It also gives them valuable information about the audience – what they like what they don’t and what they may not respond to or interact with. Some of the main analytics a social media manager handles include followers, page views, clicks, likes, shares, comments and impressions. Since there are many tools available for this, gaining hands-on experience is necessary to move forward.

  1. 4.       Undergoing training

The best knowledge can be gained from social media management training courses from certified providers. The training courses can provide a lot of insight into conducting research, analysis and communication. They can also train them on how to overcome common challenges that might arise when managing a social media account for a brand. These training courses can also help individuals who have previous education in a different field. These courses can provide important certifications that can be added to a resume and portfolio.

What makes an individual ideal for pursuing a career as a social media manager?

There are many inherent qualities that make individuals an ideal candidate for a social media manager, such as:

–          An interest in data and analytics.

–          An interest in finding out what a brand voice is and using it properly.

–          A curiosity to learn innovative technologies quickly.

–          A keen interest in media and news cycles.

–          In-depth knowledge of marketing strategy and the functions of a particular social media channel.

–          A knack for communicating with users and prospective consumers.


Social media interaction has become an important part of almost every brand across industries. This is why companies have to rely on managers to handle their social media accounts. Social media managers are required to work in different industries such as business, food service, hospitality, transportation and travel, healthcare, construction and much more.  Social media managers can either work as part of an in-house creative team or at an outside agency.

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