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How Effective SEO Techniques Can Boost Your Website Rankings

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How Effective SEO Techniques Can Boost Your Website Rankings

SEO or search engine optimisation involves several activities targeted towards improving the website’s rankings in different search engines like Google and Yahoo. These activities help in not just improving website rankings but also help in enhancing the brand image of the business and boosts the online credibility of the organisation as well.

So, how does all this happen?

For all this to happen, effective SEO techniques need to be implemented, keeping in mind the goals or objectives of the business. These techniques can be implemented only by a trained professional or an expert who has a thorough knowledge of digital marketing.

White Hat Academy – our SEO training institute in Kolkata offers courses and the necessary training in SEO, PPC, Social Media and of course digital marketing for all those who are interested in learning SEO or looking for a lucrative career in digital marketing. After the completion of the course, students should be able to carry out their jobs independently.

Improving the Ranking of Website

Developing SEO strategies need extensive knowledge, analytical skills and experience. Though there are several techniques, here are some of the most commonly used strategies known to be quite effective in improving the rankings of a website.

URL Optimisation:

Optimising the URL is of prime importance and needs immediate attention. It needs to be unique for each page. A good URL must be short yet descriptive including a target keyword for the page’s contents. The words should be separated by hyphens so that it can be read easily. As for the URL structure, it should be categorised in groups with a menu of the pages to make the site user-friendly.

Content Optimisation:

  • High-Quality Plagiarism Free Content: The quality of content is of prime importance. Make sure to research your content, use the right keywords and in the appropriate way. Only publish content that is useful to the page visitors. Maintain a balanced proportion of texts and images for your content.  Most importantly, your content should be original, it must never be copied from somewhere else or you will invite penalty from Google.
  • Meta Descriptions Writing: Maintaining the number of keywords on the site is a crucial factor because only then your site will come up in the search engines when people will search for those keywords. An effective method of making use of the keywords is adding meta descriptions to the pages. A meta description is a summary of your page’s content and it comes up as search results on search engines when a phrase within it is searched by people.

Link Building Strategies:

  • Internal Link Building: Sites must contain internal links for having its own web so that people can easily navigate by clicking and easily access different pages. Internal links also let the search engines know about your pages and distinguish the most important pages. The users coming to your site will visit more pages and spend more time by clicking on the links.
  • External Link Building: External links are equally important. When high-quality websites are linked to your pages, it automatically increases the worth of your pages. The users, as well as Google, will find your site more trustworthy.

Other Techniques:

  • Page Formatting: You need to format your page well, so that the content reads easy. Use H1, H2, H3 tags for your headings and sub-headings as a part of optimisation. Use bold, italics and underline as required. The font size should not be too small, and the text is always easy to ready when divided into short paragraphs.
  • Inclusion of Page Titles and Headings: The titles of the pages are very important. Make sure that a title is catchy with its unique style and should include the primary keyword.

With the growth of digital marketing, the demand for digital marketing experts are also growing. If you want to pursue your career as a digital marketing expert you need to enrol in our SEO training institute in Kolkata.

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