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10th October, 2022

Getting a Job After Completing a Digital Marketing Course

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Getting a Job After Completing a Digital Marketing Course

An increase in budgets, salaries and job opportunities has put digital marketing on the map as of late. While nobody can find a marketing job right after completing a digital marketing course, interested applicants shouldn’t be disappointed. Many people with minimal real experience are getting great jobs at reputed companies- How do they do it? Let’s find out.

Compared to other industries, it is not that hard to get a well paying job as a digital marketer if you have the required skill, knowledge and confidence. Since many institutions offer digital marketing courses, it’s not a big task to gain skills for a fresher. This requires the digital marketers of today to constantly develop their skills. When you begin your career, you may find it disheartening when you look at fellow employees with stronger credentials and more connections. Instead of being affected, you should start working with a broad mind and tackle any opportunity that comes your way.

Start a marketing blog

Starting your own marketing blog is one of the best ways to start building an identity as a digital marketer. Today, creating WordPress sites are easy these days. This will allow you to exercise your SEO, social media designing and global marketing skills. Approaching blog writing this way can help you learn from the real experts on the job.

Earning certification

After you’ve got your important college degree, it’s time to start learning digital marketing. The best way to skyrocket your digital marketing career is to get certifications from Google-accredited training institutions. There are several digital marketing courses available on SEO, Google Advertising, Facebook ads, inbound marketing, and email marketing at affordable rates.

Advertising experience

Gaining effective experience in digital marketing with Facebook Ads and Google Ads will take some time. One way to start doing this is to practice for a family member’s company or your business offerings. You also have to get familiar with analytical tools. Google Analytics, along with Matomo, Woopra, GoSquared and platform-specific tools such as Facebook Analytics and LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Once you have mastered Analytics, you will be able to measure the number of people that have visited your campaign, how many ads have been clicked and the conversions that have been gained.

 Start exploring social media marketing

Social media marketing has become crucial as social media plays a big part in our lives. Companies now require social media managers at every level.  For every digital marketer, the logical next step is to learn more about social media marketing. A competent social media marketer should know about different social media options such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest and keep up with their latest updates.

Starting to freelance

Before applying for a proper digital marketing position, it’s an excellent choice to start freelancing.  As a beginner, you should concentrate on acquiring new skills rather than generating a profit. Helping other people and organisations improve their online presence can be included in your future portfolios. Working in a freelance capacity allows you to learn from your peers and build connections with people in the industry. This will make hunting for entry-level marketing positions much easier at job portals such as LinkedIn.


While digital marketing requires a lot of patience and perseverance, one doesn’t need to attend a classroom or college course to become an expert. A lot of it depends on the skills of the individual and how well the concept has been grasped.

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