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De-Mystifying Common Myths Surrounding Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata

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De-Mystifying Common Myths Surrounding Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata

As smartphone penetration made internet services handy for everyone, it also sparked a revolution in the e-commerce, social media and of course in the digital marketing sector. Thanks to the easy access to the affordable 4G Internet, the situation became easier as it boosted the number of internet users in the country. As a result, the commercial sector and lots of industries now rely on digital marketing techniques which have increased the popularity and demand of a good digital marketing course in Kolkata.
So, what is digital marketing all about?

It includes the following aspects:

• Search Engine Optimization
• Content Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• Search Engine Marketing
• Pay-per-click Advertising
• Email Marketing
• Affiliate Marketing



General Misconception Regarding Digital Marketing Courses:

• Digital Marketing Isn’t Suitable For B2B Industries:
Many people seem to have a wrong idea about the effectiveness of digital marketing for B2B industries and companies which are utilizing the tools. But, digital marketing is best suited for such commercial entities that are related to the B2B industry. This is because digital marketing gives them the tools to manage focused and intricate communications with the customers directly.

• Search Engine Optimization Has Become Outdated:

Anyone who grasps the core idea behind search engine would realize that optimization is not a trend or a practice that will slowly vanish. Professional SEO techniques will be required as long as there’s a search engine supporting e-commerce. SEO is one of the fundamental elements of marketing on Google’s platform. By bringing the site of a marketer as the foremost search result on Google, SEO helps them to get more customers and continue a successful business, online.

• Digital Marketing Works Only on The Younger Generation:

It’s common to consider youngsters are the targeted audience of digital marketing course in Kolkata because they spend quality time online regularly. However, it’s the elderly population, which spends a considerable time online and their number is continually increasing. Elders have become consistent and returning customers to various e-commerce sites and search engines due to digital marketing success.
Direct Effect of 4G Revolution on Marketing and Advertising Sector
Organic marketing and advertising are slowly becoming a thing of the past as consumers tend to search the internet for any specific query instead of finding the answer through other offline alternatives. Whether they need a service/product matching their specifications, people most commonly run a Google search for it. That is when digital marketing makes its debut, smart digital marketing techniques have outrun traditional marketing methods.

Digital Marketing Will be the Next Big Thing 2019

Marketing scenario that exists online is basically what digital marketing is all about and it keeps evolving with time. Digital marketing course in Kolkata is extremely relevant because there are several new as well as upcoming techniques that an expert professional is supposed to know so that they can offer the best digital marketing services to their clients. With the increase in the number of internet users, there’s been a constant need for clearer and more user-specific marketing techniques to guide a customer to the right kind of services they require.

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