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10th October, 2022

Changing Strategies of Digital Marketing during Coronavirus

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Changing Strategies of Digital Marketing during Coronavirus

We are going through the global crisis caused by the coronavirus for a few months. We all are staying at home to prevent the spread of infection. Considering things that are happening out there, home quarantine has become the safest way to deal with COVID-19.

In such circumstances, you must be in stress about your business. You have been forced to shut the door of your business. Is not it? However, it is high time to keep your customers more engaged than ever before. Changing digital marketing strategies during this crisis will ensure your sustainability in the market.

Here enlisted are some dos and don’ts for your marketing strategies now.

Dos for Digital Marketing during This Period:

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Think of Social Media Strategy- Since people are staying at home, with or without their job, they are getting more active on social media than ever. So, what are you thinking? It is your time to rely on new techniques such as finding the right posts to present to your target customers. There are so many people at home, who are spending time online – you might get the traffic you are looking forward to.

Increase Presence in Owned Media- Your business has been already affected by the effects of COVID-19. To give a new facet to your business, now you need to refocus on the owned media like email, blog and organic SEO. It is time to keep going on with the keyword research and apply the top searched terms in the content. Turn it into an advantage that people are at home and give them some informative and engaging content through SEO.

Continue with All Paid Advertising- You may think that paid advertisements are useless during this pandemic while reassessing marketing strategies. You may think of minimizing costs, as your business is running out of the revenues. However, it is not a good idea to exclude paid advertising from the current digital marketing strategy. Remember, within a few months or weeks, we will get back to the normal lives again. Then, without paid advertising, you will be left behind. Also, keep in mind that your target audiences are still looking for your services. In addition, you need to be a bit creative at this point. For your reference, a few restaurants are delivering foods on discount to encourage people staying at home. Take a look at them try to get inspired.

Don’ts for Digital Marketing during This Period:      

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Do Not Take Email Marketing lightly- Do you have a lot of subscribers? You can follow-up them with a strong email campaign. An insight into how your customers are doing and providing them with some rays of hope is important at this time. Your campaigns may include how they can stay safe, tips to avoid the spread of coronavirus and more like these. Besides, you can also prepare a set of email campaigns as an upcoming promotional strategy.

Do Not Forget Hashtag Strategy- Hashtag plays an important role in social media posts to reach customers. Usually, businesses need to add some hashtags relevant to the brand or products. However, in this global health crisis, you can share some knowledge regarding coronavirus safety by adding hashtags like #coronavirus, #staysafe, #stayhealthy, #socialdistancing, #quarantine etc.

Do Not Give up with Consistency in Posts- Even if your business is closed right now, you should not give up posting on social media page or blog. Coronavirus has the power to affect your physical presence, but it should not affect your web presence. Maintain the consistency and keep posting for your followers and potential customers.

Do Not Hesitate to Ask for Help- You might have own digital marketing strategies to promote your business but reassessing your strategies in this crisis on your own is a daunting task. Instead, if you get help from an experienced team of professionals, they can help you immensely by setting new strategies. They will handle the crisis professionally and get your business out of the risk.

Overall, you need to make home quarantine an advantage to your business. Continue with blogging, brushing up old posts and add some relevance to your posts in regard to this time. Do keyword research to know your customer behavior. You can certainly overcome the impact of coronavirus along with the entire globe.

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