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Careers for a Fresher in the Field of Digital Marketing

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Careers for a Fresher in the Field of Digital Marketing

The digital marketing industry seems tokeepgrowing and it doesn’tlooklike it is here to stop any time soon. So are career opportunities. With the industry booming at a great pace the demands have been shooting up for people to work in the digital marketing industry. Therefore, there is no better time for you than now to begin your career as a fresher in the field of digital marketing. Especially with the industry demanding experience, you must start right away without wasting much time.

Here are some of the career options availableforfreshersin digital marketing-

Digital marketing executive: One of the most common obvious career options available to freshers diving into the digital marketing world is that of a digital marketing executive. He/ She must work with the marketing team and execute all the activities and plans strategized by the team.

Social media executive: Being a social media executive you need to work on all the different social media platforms that exist and fit your industry requirements. You will have to ensure you regularly post on the platforms by scheduling posts using social media tools as per the social media strategy and calendar. Maintaining the social media profiles, keeping it active and responding to your audience is one of the main tasks of a social media executive. As a social media executive, your communication skills must be top-notch since you will be interacting with potential clients and customers on different social media forums.


SEM analyst: A Search Engine Marketing analyst or a Google Ads analyst is required to successfully implement the search engine advertising campaign of a particular company after understanding and assessing the key performance indicators and campaign insights.

Email marketing executive: As an email marketing executive you will be required to take up all email marketing tasks such as drafting and sending emails and newsletters to potential clients and leads using email marketing tools. You must also deal with data and analysis of those emails and keep a check on the metrics such as click-through rate, unsubscribe rate, email open rate, bounce rate and more.

Content writer: As a content writer you will need to take care of all the content creation for a particular company’s website, blogs, newsletters, social media posts, etc. You need to produce quality content that will promote your companies inbound marketing. At times you may also need to dabble as a copywriter and write ads and promotional content for the organization you work for.

Content marketing associate: The job a content marketing associate is to assist a particular company’s content creating a team in planning, creating and posting content on the various platforms that benefit the company such as social media platforms, website contents, blogs and more.

SEO executive: The job of an SEO executive involves executing the SEO strategies chalked out by the SEO team or the marketing team. The job also involves having to come up with new strategies and analyze existing ones.

Digitalmarketinganalyst: As a digital marketing analyst your responsibilities will include analysis of all the marketing strategies and campaigns and their performances while providing a detailed report. Their job helps the marketing team to better their strategies and fix the weak areas for a successful and profitable campaign.

One of the most important things to remember is that you must start. Waiting for new opportunities will not help you gain the practical knowledge you need to grow in this field. Therefore, be prepared for entry-level jobs and internships in the above-mentioned careers. The earliest you jump into the digital marketing pool the faster you’ll climb the stairs of success.

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