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Beginner’s Guide to Know the Steps of finding Right Keywords for Website

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Beginner’s Guide to Know the Steps of finding Right Keywords for Website

“Keyword research” is the most important element of SEO training. The success of a SEO campaign is based on the selection of the right keywords. Hence a correct keyword analysis is prime to bring ultimate success to an SEO campaign.

The best way to choose the keywords is to take assistance of the Google Keyword Planner. There are some key steps associated with the finding of the right keywords in the Google Keywords Planner including the following:

Steps to find Right Keywords for a Website

Step1: In order to use the Google Keyword Planner, one should have an account in the Google Adwords.One can also make use of his existing Gmail account details to login to https://adwords.google.com.

Step2: Once the account is created and one has already logged into theaccount, the very next step is to find the Keyword Planner and to use it by clicking it. Note that the Keyword Planner is the tool that should be used to find important keywords which are relevant to one’s business.

Step3:A new tab opens after clicking the Keyword Planner. Now click open the menu“Search for new keywords using phrase, website, or category “with a list of options. Enterthe relevant search terms in the search bar under “Your products and services” “of the menu. Remember the “Your products and services “should include the lists of keywords which are very relevant to the business. It is recommended to enter 1-3 keywords here.

Step4: Our next step includes the”Targeting“of the menu mentioned above. It is vital to put some light on the term “targeting” which holds much important in so far as keyword analysis in concerned. Targeting refers to the country, language as well as the search engine that one in marketing on. Our main concern is to use the “All location” in the targeting section. For eg. If one’s business is based in “South Africa”, he should choose South Africa as the country. If one wants to be more specific about the location he can even target specific city in the location. Finally click on “get ideas”

Step5: By clicking on “get ideas” a new page will open. This page consists of the multiple keyword ideas from which one needs to choose the relevant keywords. Now click on the “Keyword Ideas”.

Step6: The next step includes the selection of the preferred keywords. This can be done by the selection of the keyword and clicking and adding them to plan.

Step7: After selecting the keywords and adding them to the plan. The next step is to download the selected keywordsin an excel sheet. To download, click on the “download plan” option.

Step 8:After clicking on the download plan, a new page will open. You need to click on the “Excel CVS“option and then download the file by clicking on the “Download”. The end result is that, one will get the list of preferred keywords in an excel file which can be saved in the desktop for creating the keyword analysis report.

The Importance of Keyword Research

It important to know that keywords are the terms that are used while conducting a search. Keywords should include terms that dominate the content of the website. The vitality of keywords lie in the fact that they help to drive traffic to one’s site. Herein lies the importance of optimizing them. It is worth knowing in this context that if one fails to choose the right keywords for his website, then he is sure to waste his precious time inmanaging a SEO campaign. Also note thatnarrow keywords have less search volumes, but they are far more valuable than the generic keywords.

Finally an important tip for the beginner is that the concept of keyword research is an ongoing process. One should not consider that the idea of keyword research is one time .Rather the idea is that the competitive and high-volume keywords should be replaced by the more specific keywords to bring in the right visitors who will actually be converted. There are various SEO Keywords Tools in the market; however the Google Keyword Planner is the no non-sense guide towards finding the right keywords for one’s site.

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