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A Complete Guide To Learning SEO For Beginners

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A Complete Guide To Learning SEO For Beginners

Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of the digital marketing industry. From the dawn of online marketing, SEO has gone through several changes and upgraded is now considered to be an advanced skill to master. SEO may seem complex at the first glance if you are new to this field.

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs thus prefer to hire an SEO specialist to grow their business which makes it a highly sort-out career option. Various training institutes provide in-depth SEO courses in Kolkata where you can get hands-on experience to sharpen this crucial skill of digital marketing.

The basics of SEO

SEO consists of various aspects and you need to focus and learn each one of them to properly master this in-demand skill. Before diving in further let us look at the core factors that Google considers to rank a website. The two main factors that determine your website’s position in the search results are relevancy and authority. Relevancy is when the content matches the user’s intent and authority is the factor that makes the content trustworthy. Your expertise in SEO means how well you can optimise content to improve these factors to rank your site on the SERP.

Targeting right keywords

This is the crucial part of every campaign because the chances of getting your content rank higher depend on the selection of the right keywords. The key is to choose the most relevant keywords of your niche or industry that has the highest volume of traffic with the lowest amount of difficulty. It is recommended to have a list of potential keywords that can help your content rank before you start working on it. But this may take continuous monitoring and optimizing to master properly.

On-page optimization

On-page optimization is the process to help your site to be properly indexed by Google so that it can be categorized to eventually rank in future. You need to focus on multiple aspects to execute a proper on-page SEO strategy. This includes SEO optimized title tags, meta description, site performance and on-site content. Apart from profitable keywords you also need to focus on valuable and relevant content to increase the traffic on your site.

Link building and off-page optimization

To understand the importance of link building you need to have a basic knowledge of how link equity or commonly known as ‘link juice’ pass through websites. Link juice in SEO refers to the value of equity that passes through from one site to another via a do-follow link. Building links to high authority sites thus plays a huge role in increasing the authenticity of your domain. Because the more trustworthy your site would be the more traffic it will get.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO consists of the technical aspects of your website from accessing and crawling to indexing and interpreting the content of your site by the search engine spiders without any issue. It is coined as ‘technical’ as this part of SEO has nothing to do with content and is purely based on optimising the performance and infrastructure of your website. There are certain areas to focus on while carrying out a technical SEO audit like optimizing robots.txt file, URL structure, XML sitemap, adding SSL on your website’s server and more.


SEO is rather a vast subject to master overnight but proper guidance and preferably a well-constructed course can help you grasp the concept easily. Opting for a training program is thus recommended to learn SEO from scratch with practical knowledge which will also help you to earn a certificate to add to your resume.


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