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10 Approaches to Boost Your Social Media Following That Work

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10 Approaches to Boost Your Social Media Following That Work

If you handle the social presence of an online business and are struggling for followers, you are not alone. There are many going through the process of trial and error to see what grabs the attention of their audience the most. Global brands that are huge on social media such as Nike, KFC, and Apple provide social media marketers many examples and tips on how they can experience similar thriving social media presence.

Following are the best approaches to improve the numbers of social media followers for a business:

Create what the audience wants to see

As a social media marketer, your goal should be to stand out from the crowd and make meaningful interactions with your audience regularly. You cannot parrot the same kind of content which many influential brands are creating. Creating unique social media content takes a lot of practice and a deep understanding of what the audience wants.

Original blog posts, research, or infographics can be a good start to get people to want to see more of your content. Even a toned-down opinionated rant regarding the state of affairs could stop social media users in their tracks and follow you.

Experiment with paid stuff

A huge part of social media is free for people to utilise this channel any way they like. There is a lot you can achieve using various functionalities of any social media platform organically. But social media experts say that one should not be afraid to pay to get the most out of it. Not too long ago, Facebook launched an updated algorithm and business feature on Instagram to let social media marketers achieve their goals by experimenting with various ad features.

Influencer marketing is another strategy that requires people’s attention. The recent success of influencer marketing and paid ads is slowly turning into common practice on several social media channels.

Always follow the latest trend

Trending hashtags are a great tool meant for boosting discoverability and an even better way to make your audience interact with your brand. Breaking news and trending memes are also considered a fun yet useful way to keep your social media presence relevant. Keeping these trends in mind provides one with hundreds of ideas to create social media content. Relevant and funny posts are liked by all kinds of audience members as people need comic relief now and then.

It could be a good opportunity to show off a brand’s personality by making an ongoing trend your own by simply giving it a witty twist.

Monitor your activities expertly

Using analytics tools in the right way can unexpectedly improve your social media strategies. Expert tools allow us to find the shortcomings and flaws in our designs that people cannot make out independently. The lack of return of investment (ROI) generated from social media marketing can only be solved by examining your activities. Just like Google Analytics data, there are monitoring tools provided by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media giants.

On top of that, there are third-party monitor tools to boost your analytics reports and help you see which part of your social media strategy needs enhancement. They provide you with data points to make these improvements and create top-performing content.

Post on social media actively

Inactivity is a poison for brands in the world of social media. Your audience must feel your presence on various social accounts equally and at all times. Discontinued posting is bad for brands and creates a distance between a brand and its audience. If you want your brand to be taken seriously and enjoy the new addition of followers then the supply of fresh content must not cease. Fortunately, there is a way to post actively without sacrificing your sleep schedule.

Automated features not only maintain your brand’s presence but also save time and energy. All you have to do is create new content and then schedule it for posting during peak hours or choose a third-party automated tool that takes care of it all.

Prioritise visual type of media

If you were to ask any professional social media manager of a notable brand about what is the most preferred type of media content to share for most engagements, the answer would be visual media. Visual media has been the king of social media content including video content. Instagram is a haven for posting visual media that get nearly 6 times the engagement and urge people to follow your brand. Make short, fun, and engaging videos also called “reels” to share on Facebook and Instagram and gain more followers.

These approaches can help you make a successful social media strategy to increase followers on a regular basis.

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