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6 Major Reasons Why Learning Google Analytics Can Boost your Digital Marketing Skills

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6 Major Reasons Why Learning Google Analytics Can Boost your Digital Marketing Skills

Google Analytics has grown in importance by leaps and bounds over the years. Any online marketer who wants to improve the search engine rankings must make use of this service offered by Google. With the increasing amount of data on the web, it is difficult to keep track of it all the time.

Users are usually viewing it from a variety of sources, landing on different pages on your website, and engaging with various links and pages on your website. Analysing this data will help you to make decisions on optimizing your marketing strategy. Learning the ins and outs of Google Analytics is thus crucial to boost your digital marketing game and to grow your business more effectively.

The basic definition of Google Analytics 

Introduced in 2005 by Google, Google Analytics is now one of the most used web analytics service referred by marketers all around the world. To use this service you only require having a Google account and you are good to go. It’s a comprehensive data collection, processing, and reporting tool that tracks the activity of a user on your website’s page. It adds a JavaScript tracking code to all of your website’s pages to track user activity. Google Analytics can provide you with valuable customer behaviour insights, provide valuable feedback for your website pages, and assist you in addressing crucial questions such as when and how to invest your marketing budgets and more.

Why do you need to learn Google Analytics?

Here are some of the benefits you can get by learning Google Analytics.

It is free to use

To use Google Analytics, you do not need to pay a subscription or a monthly/yearly fee. This enables you to invest in a better use elsewhere, rather than being invested in analytics tools.

It is comparatively easy to use and maintained by Google

To use Google Analytics you only need a Google account and can start using it with basic settings. With a user-friendly interface, this service is completely maintained by Google and keeps on improving its capabilities by adding new features like filters, reports and more.

Track the user activity on your site

Through Google Analytics you can track the online behaviour of the users on your website which includes how they navigate through your site, which links they clicked and how they made the purchase and more. You can also identify any issue with user experience and resolve that to improve your site’s performance. With the data provided by Google Analytics, you can also make decisions on reaching new and existing customers for better conversion.

Get to know your audience better

By using Google Analytics you will get a clear idea of where your visitors are coming from which means if the source of the traffic is direct, organic, paid or campaign. You can also get an overview of the geography they come from, the device they use, the language they prefer, their age, gender, interests and more. All of this and more can be found in Google Analytics’ audience and acquisition reports. You can monitor the entire user flow of traffic that comes to your website from various sources. Google Analytics gives you a comprehensive overview of your audience, traffic, conversions, bounce rates, sessions, and transactions, among other things.

Monitor bounce rates

Bounce rates illustrate how quickly a user leaves a webpage and you want to keep this percentage as low as possible. Google Analytics helps you to see what your website’s bounce rate is, which can help you spot problems you weren’t aware of. For example, there may be a problem with the design of the website. Also if the website isn’t responsive and doesn’t load properly on mobile devices, most mobile users will leave it easily. Google Analytics lets you check the bounce rate and help you identify the issues behind that.

Get real-time reports

Another important reason why Google Analytics is crucial for any marketing strategy is its capability to collect real-time data. This means you can generate reports, compare metrics, and evaluate results on any time period you want—hourly, daily, weekly, quarterly, year over year, and quarter over quarter.


Using Google Analytics will let you monitor mobile traffic, focus on Site search, identify the reasons behind bounce rate, locate top performing pages and more to analyse the data better and use it to make further decisions related to your marketing strategy.


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